01-10-19 — I have started a new faculty position as Assistant Professor in the PACCE team of IMT Atlantique, in Nantes, France!

21-06-19 — The first paper from our students Carolyn Saund and Marion Roth “TMetaphor and metaphoric gesturing”, has been accepted at ACII 2019.

11-02-19 — The first paper from my newest project on virtual classrooms “Towards Narrative-Driven Atmosphere for Virtual Classroom”, written with colleagues from Universität Würzburg and Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest, has been accepted in the CHI 2019 Late-Breaking Results track.

16-12-18 — I presented the Cicero project at the VSI 2018 workshop

15-11-18 — Just came back from an intense couple of weeks, after I presented 2 papers at IVA 2018, and gave seminars on interpersonal skills training with multimodal interaction at UNSW, Sydney and at Seikei University, Tokyo. Thanks to to Prof. Skinner, Prof. Epps, and Prof. Nakano for setting those up!


Public Speaking Training with Interactive Virtual Audiences

Helping Teachers with Classroom Management Skills

Rehearsing for Job Interviews with Virtual Recruiters

Perceptive Virtual Patients for Improving Medical Communication

Automatic Editing of 3D Movies