Mathieu Chollet

Lecturer - Virtual Social Interactions

University of Glasgow

IMT Atlantique


Hello there! I am an assistant professor at the University of Glasgow, and an affiliate researcher of IMT Atlantique. My research interests include virtual social interactions, social signal processing and multimodal interactive systems. My application domains include social skills training, health and wellbeing, and team collaboration.


  • Lecturer, University of Glasgow

    2021-*, School of Computing/GIST, Glasgow, UK

  • Assistant Professor, IMT Atlantique

    2019-2021, LS2N, Nantes, France

  • Research Fellow, University of Glasgow

    2018, School of Psychology, Glasgow, UK

  • Research Associate, USC ICT

    2015-2018, Institute for Creative Technologies, LA, CA, USA

  • JSPS Post-doctoral Fellow, NII

    2015, Prendinger Lab, Tokyo, Japan

  • PhD Candidate, Telecom Paristech

    2011/2015, Greta Team, Paris, France


  • PhD, Computer Science

    2015, Telecom Paristech

  • MEng, Telecommunications

    2011, Telecom Bretagne

  • MRes, Computer Science

    2011, Université de Rennes 1


12-21 — I have accepted a new faculty position as Lecturer in the Glasgow Interactive Systems group of the University of Glasgow’s School of Computing! I remain an associate researcher at IMT Atlantique and in the LS2N laboratory. I have funding opportunities at all levels (PhD, post-docs, engineering, internships) in both Glasgow and Nantes, don’t hesitate to contact me!

10-21 — Several positions and internships are open in the LS2N/PACCE team of IMT Atlantique (Nantes, France, with possibilities of research visits to Glasgow, UK) on exciting projects related to virtual social interactions, collaboration, and social skills training.

  1. ANR REVITALISE — Post-doctoral position, HCI/Human Factors Participatory design and user-centred design methodologies to create novel public speaking skills training interventions with virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
  2. ANR MISSIVES — Post-doc or Research engineer position, VR/Social signal processing Design and development of an experimental framework to implement a variety of social stressors in virtual reality and record participant multimodal responses. Job posting here
  3. ANR MISSIVES — Research internship, VR/cognitive sciences Propose and evaluate a model of stress induction during collaborative tasks in virtual reality. Job posting here



Public Speaking Training with Interactive Virtual Audiences


Rehearsing for Job Interviews with Virtual Recruiters

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Perceptive Virtual Patients for Improving Medical Communication


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